God is Great

How Great God Is

As the deer pants for the water,
So I long for You, O God.
I'm the clay and You're The Potter.
In Your hands my soul is awed.

As You bless and lead, and guide me,
May I walk within Your will;
Knowing always You're beside me
Is a constant joy and thrill.

I am moved by Your compassion,
Just amazed by what You do.
Love You never hide or ration;
Grace pours down and mercy, too.

You give light and life, and blessing.
You give hope and peace, and rest.
Not by chance or luck, or guessing;
Faith in You is always best.

In a world that's often scary,
I must put my trust in You.
I can pray for Bush and Kerry.
You'll decide what they will do.

So, in this time that I've been given,
Here's the goal for which I aim;
Live a life that's Spirit driven;
Love the Lord and Praise His Name !!!