The Lily

 A lily stood and sang her song
Amidst painted flower she seemed so wrong.
Chrysanthemums blooming in bright array;
The geraniums and tulips appeared, oh so gay!

The others their stance, was not quite like hers-
They swayed in the breeze, their colors were sure.
"God," she whispered "why do I stand so straight?"
"Couldn't you have planted me close to the gate?"
"Why am I in grasses, so far away?"

The Angel answered:
"HE knew you would stay."

She pleaded again, "But I long to dance!"
Not bloom just in Spring, a one time stance."
"I am so pale and stand so still."

The Angel nodded,
"You were the flower found up on the Hill"

"I have not soft petals as the beautiful rose-
Mine seem to empty that they almost close.
I have not thorns to show all my pain."
I watched, "You were stripped bare, that was your gain."

A flower so rare, one of a kind-
Exudes a perfume so hard to find.
One that does reach higher than the rest,
Bearing a cross that endures every test.

His eyes they have watered with every tear-
The stalk of your branch that lasts thru the years.
Don't compare in the garden of life as you've known,
Travel the road where His seeds have been sown.

Love all you are and continue to be,
A single bud can glorify thee!
The white of your banner, dear 'fleur-de-lis",
Is royalty bestowed on the very least.

Honor is given to a bloom that is One,
Modeling a masterpiece to His Only Son.

Yogi Marie Mancuso

Made in tribute to my good friend Lilly

Stat by Connie

Graphic from Group Share

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MIDI sequenced by Harry Todd